How To Take The First Step Towards Creating A Financial Plan

Posted on: 14 April 2017

Most people know they need a financial plan, but not too many people have any idea where to start with such a thing. It's because of the inability to start, those same people wait far longer than they should to take financial planning seriously. Here's how you can start your journey towards a real financial plan. How Do You Start a Financial Plan? A financial plan isn't just one thing. It encompasses all the ways you can turn your current financial state into the financial state you would like to have at any given point in the future.
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How To Prevent The Straw Buyer Scam With Forensic Accounting

Posted on: 11 April 2017

Abusive lending practices affects consumers, financial institutions, mortgage fraud victims, and other lenders. This results in the mortgage industry losing millions of dollars because of this type of corruption. The straw buyer scam is one of the most common types of mortgage fraud schemes. Read on to find out how to prevent this type of fraud with forensic accounting. What Is The Straw Buyer Scam? A straw borrower takes on another person's identity for mortgage purposes.
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Why A Personal Loan Is Better Than Using Your Credit Card

Posted on: 6 April 2017

If you suddenly encounter an expense that will cost thousands of dollars, you may be struggling to figure out how to pay for it if you do not have enough cash on hand. In this situation, there are two great options you could consider. The first is using your credit card to pay the expense. The second option is taking a personal loan, and here are three reasons why taking a personal loan is usually the better option in this situation.
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How Much Can You Borrow From A Payday Advance Loan?

Posted on: 23 March 2017

Needing cash quickly and having no way to get it can be a major problem, but you could always consider getting a payday advance loan. With a payday advance loan, you could borrow money quickly to pay your unexpected expenses, and you may have several weeks, or longer, to repay the money. If you wondering how much you could borrow from a loan like this, here are several factors that will affect the answer to your question.
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